We fell in love with the views this property has over Port Phillip Bay, the rolling hills of Gippsland and OLIVE TREES from every window.

Our spontaneous decision to move from the city and live here was all based on passion and gut feeling, and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.

Our learning curve was huge – everything from pumps, soil composition, nutrition, olive harvest seasons, pruning and picking. If we’re honest we didn’t even know that green and black olives were a stage of ripeness rather than different varieties! We had no idea which varieties of  Olive trees were planted on the grove, and had even less ideas about which were best for Oil and which were best for table eating?

Its amazing what you learn when you need to. Seeking out expert assistance and guidance from the industry and local producers we quickly started to develop the foundations, and set about to purchase the equipment we would require to pick our first harvest.


broken wing

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